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About Daredevil Dan...

Game Genre

'Endless Runner' game designed for mobile.

This is the Early-Release Version

Players take on the role of Daredevil Dan, the globetrotting explorer who has heard about the 'golden coin trail' in the Galapagos Islands. Daredevil Dan wastes no time and heads off to this stunning volcanic archipelago in the Pacific Ocean. 

The Quest
Daredevil Dan's quest is to accumulate as many gold coins on the trail as possible while kiteboarding the stunning Galapagos coastline and avoiding shipwrecks, buoys and a whole variety of other obstacles. Taking air off the rolling waves and navigating the jumps to collect an array of exciting power-ups such as a magnetic field to attract an abundance of gold coins or invincibility in case you come too close to an obstacle.

Main-Release Version
Time to get practicing as the main release version of the game which will be available for play in August 2020, Daredevil Dan will no longer be alone...


The highly competitive Xena stumbles across the 'golden coin trail' and she wants all the golden coins for herself! All the activity alerts 'Beef' the islands' protector and when he discovers Daredevil Dan kiting the local waters collecting the treasured golden coins, a hot pursuit gets underway.

And just when Daredevil Dan thinks he only has Beef and Xena to contend with... Avi arrives from India and Veerle from the Netherlands.

The Magic

Suddenly kites and surfboards come alive and start thinking for themselves. Will the kites and surfboards help or hinder the race for the golden coins?

You'll have to wait to find out...

A personal note from Daredevil Dan about this early release version...

My first game is due to be released for mobile in August 2020 but since so many of us around the world are staying indoors to help keep everyone safe, I decided to bring out an early-release version.      
I hope you love what we have come up with so far, and remember, this is only the beginning of my games series...     
Enjoy and stay safe! 
Daredevil Dan x

  Available Now for Most Devices
(iOS 13) (Android 10.0) 

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